Algonquin Park Experiences for Everyone

by Todd Lucier on May 11, 2013

Now everyone can explore Algonquin Park. New Algonquin Park experiences are making bucket list dreams come true for a wider range of travelers.

Until very recently Algonquin Park was exclusively the domain of the backcountry adventurer, those willing to camp out and sleep on the ground. In 1993 to celebrate the Park’s 100th anniversary the Algonquin Park visitor centre was opened so that the less adventurous visitor to Algonquin Park could learn about wildlife by visiting the museum displays on a drive through the Highway 60 corridor. Today, Northern Edge Algonquin offers a suite of experience styles at Algonquin Park that meet the needs of a much wider range of travelers.

Guided Adventure:
In 1993, Northern Edge Algonquin began offering guided canoe trips into Algonquin Park offering the adventurous soul a way to experience a 4 day wilderness safari by canoe. As Edge co-founder Todd Lucier explained, “These trips were designed for folks who want to be physically active and travel a little further off the beaten trail to discover special places in Algonquin Park. Our guests on these trips are curious about trying new things like swimming in a waterfall, paddling and portaging a canoe, encountering a moose, howling with wolves or creating memorable meals over an open fire.”

Within a few years, The Edge approach to outfitting these guided trips with local, fresh local foods started to attract guests who wanted to get back to nature and eat well. As well international media like the New York Times authored feature stories on the Algonquin Park canoe trip experience. But the idea of sleeping on the ground wasn’t for everyone. This led to the development of the off-the-grid nature retreat powered by 22 solar panels on Kawawaymog Lake, where up to 40 guests sleep in cozy Algonquin Park forest cabins and enjoy nourishing meals. Unplugged from technology and out-of-cellphone range there is luxury to be found in handcrafted surroundings designed in harmony with their forest home at Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada.

Rejuvenator Experiences:
“To appease the appetite of the guests who were being attracted to the Edge we developed a retreat called Quest for Balance that fuses yoga with adventurous day trips. Guests get their nature fix, but are rewarded with a bit of a pampered experience staying in exquisite forest cabins and drifting to dreamtime to the sounds of nature ” For these guests, whom Lucier and his team began to call rejuvenators, Northern Edge Algonquin crafted packages that were perfect for this niche market of getaway travelers whose approach to planning holidays includes a personal wellness component. “By integrating active and restorative yoga with guided adventure and culinary experiences we found our guests were overwhelmingly delighted.”

Gentle Explorers:
Recently, an aging population, and the emergence of multi-generational travel groups, called for new Algonquin Park experiences. When the Edge chose to rebuild a century-old homesteader cabin on the property, the stage was set for new Algonquin Park Explorer’s Log Cabin packages which bring together the best of the Algonquin Park experience: guided adventures, nature interpretation and education. Nature meets nurture with overnight stays in private cabins at Algonquin Park and memorable candlelit meals featuring fresh, local and organic fare prepared by award-winning chef Gregor. “By adding memorable culinary experiences to guided Algonquin Park exploration we have created packages that aren’t available anywhere else.”

Indeed, the folks at Northern Edge Algonquin continue to innovate with new ways to connect with nature. From the beginning, the Edge has offered fully outfitted and guided hiking and mountain biking, canoeing and sea kayaking outings. In 2012, they introduced Stand up Paddle board experiences and built a new wood-fired lakefront sauna. The sauna, an ancient, universal form of restoration provides a forum for sharing stories and soaking in the day’s adventures. “Afterwards, most guests enjoy a dip in the lake,” according to Lucier.

“Morning Tea with Moose Safari, our newest Algonquin Park day trip experience is the canoeing and Stand up Paddle (SUP) tour on the Amable Du Fond River. SUP gives guests on our Explorer Packages a higher perspective than canoeing or sea kayaking and it’s perfect for increasing nature encounter opportunities on the winding river. Guests paddle in the mist, sipping Algonquin Tea Co. teas & learn about Algonquin Park’s most famous residents.”

In the evening, fireside trapper and wildlife storytelling evenings provide hands-on, engaging interpretation & education. After dark, it’s time for a Wolf Howl presentation and discussion of the Algonquin Park wolves, recent studies of wolf ecology and efforts to conserve and protect this treasured species of Algonquin. Mid-late summer guests travel to Algonquin Park’s Nahma Lake. We belt out our best wolf howl, and wait in silence in the darkness for the spine-tingling response from a local wolf pack.

Explorer’s Cabin packages are offered year round. In winter, snow shoeing, skiing, lake front ice skating and dog sledding combine in the bucket-list worthy Making Tracks: Algonquin Park Winter Experience.

A fire is lit in the 120 year old Explorer’s Log Cabin tucked in the forest at Algonquin Park. The quiet invites some of Canada’s most inspiring nature to draw closer.

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